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Mandalas - Symbolism, Art, Decor and the 2020 Mandala Meditation Collection at Clarity Cove

I can't think of anything more beautiful to look at than mandalas (except for nature of course, and puppy dog faces!). They are just so pleasing to the eye. I'm guessing because of the symmetry and infinite patterns that can be created. It's been said that to stare at a mandala is to experience the nothingness that is at the heart of enlightenment. Mandalas are seen as a symbol of deeper connection with the self and the Universe at large. Representing wholeness, it is a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds. They are meant to be objects of contemplation, their equal proportions magically balanced to purify and calm the mind....

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Grand Opening of Clarity Cove Boutique - Website Launch!

Stressed? Tired? Foggy? Anxious? Have Chronic Pain? Do you want to improve your moments, hours, days, and life? Do you want healthier, more natural ways of getting the improved clarity and peace you deserve?...You've come to the right place! Welcome to my new website  I've been confronted with all of the above issues from time to time and have spent over two decades (and wayyyy too much time and money!) searching for real solutions to these challenges. And while i haven't found the "cure-all"; I have found some interesting products along the way that can help us all to live cleaner, healthier, calmer and more relaxed lives. Taking time for self-care so you can decompress from life's hectic stressors is crucial for your...

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