Level Up your Drinking Water! Why is the Berkey Gravity Water Filter Purifier so Good?

 I Looooove my Berkey water filter! I've been using mine for nearly 10 years and i would not ever want to live without it!
What's so great about them you ask? Well the first and obvious benefit is, the taste! It transforms my disgusting chlorinated city tap water into the purest, best tasting water ever! When your water tastes like absolutely nothing, you know its good!
Berkey water filters are unique in that they have the ability to meet the needs of a wide range of people (and pets, don't forget about your pets! They like clean water too!). I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from a Berkey water filter. They are portable and need no electricity to work. That means, if you purchase a Berkey, you won't have to compromise on any of the attributes you may consider necessary.

Water Filtering Ability

All Berkey water filters produce 'purified' drinking water.

The military sets the standards on what can be classified as a water "purifier". These standards set the bar so high that very few are able to achieve this classification. The Berkey however, not only meets these high standards, but surpasses them with never before see results!

The Berkey is Economical

The water filtration elements inside every Berkey system are cleanable. This allows each Black Berkey element to produce up to 3000 gallons of purified drinking water without the costly need of replacement.
Take the most popular system the Big Berkey for example. This system comes with two filters, so the life of these filters would be 6000 gallons.
The average family of four would drink about 2 to 4 gallons of water per day. Under those conditions the filters would not need replaced for a minimum of 4 years. That's using the Berkey to produce every drop of drinking and cooking water you would need for 1500 continuous days.
Factor in the cost to replace the filters and the cost to enjoy purified drinking water, it is less than 2 cents per gallon! Way cheaper than the other filters on the market, that do half the work.

Dependable and Simple

The technology that Berkey uses to purify water is able to handle the very smallest of water contaminants, even viruses, making it one of the most powerful water filtering systems available.
This ability is all possible using the most simple, foolproof methods, starting with micro-filtration.
The pore structure of the Black Berkey filtering element is so small that minute organisms are not physically able to pass through the filtration medium.
To make this microscopic structure even more powerful, Berkey Filters incorporate the second simple but powerful technology, ionic absorbtion. This method adds an ionic charge that repels many other contaminants that would otherwise pass through the filter, including heavy metals and chemicals!
These abilities are built into the filters structure, they do not wear out or diminish in ability over time. So all that needs to be done to restore the filter to like new condition, is clean it to remove the contaminants that are trapped on the outermost surface of the element. That's it, foolproof and simple!


The Berkey water filter is used worldwide to meet the needs of of a wide range of users.
Emergency relief workers depend on the Berkey to take water of questionable quality and transform it into drinking water.
People preparing for disaster purchase the Berkey water filter and put it in long term storage along with other preparation items.
Health conscience people use the Berkey to rid their water of contaminants that are harmful to their bodies.
People in remote areas or areas that only have access to water from outside sources like streams or lakes trust the Berkey for their needs.
With a wide range of sizes and filter configurations the Berkey water filter is able to handle any size group from 1 person to a large group of people up to 150.
claritycove.com berkey water filter review blog post
In closing, THIS piece of clean water technology is one (if not the best) things that i own! You are going to want to have one of these water filters in your Clarity Cove! A lifetime of clean drinking water is priceless!
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julie @claritycove :)
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