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Part 2: (The next 25 books) Spiritual Library and Reading List continued-100s of Books on Consciousness, Reincarnation Buddhism, The Esoteric, Metaphysical, Religion, Philosophy etc..

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The Next 25 books can all be found on I have posted a direct link to each book underneath the titles. These are affiliate links and i may receive a commission from any sales that result from your clicks :) This helps to support and maintain this website and blog so i thank you in advance for your clicks and purchases!

51~ The Vanished Library: by Lucian Canfora52~ Reincarnation: The Phoenix Fire Mystery: An East-West Dialogue on Death and Rebirth from the Worlds of Religion, Science, Psychology, Philosophy: by Sylvia Cranston53~ Illusions: by Richard Bach54~ The Practical Cogitator, The Thinker's Anthology: by Charles P. Curtis Jr. and Ferris Greenslet55~ The Better Part: Stages of Contemplative Living, by Thomas Keating56~ A Letter Of Private Direction: by James Walsh57~ The Finished Kingdom: by Dewaters58~ The Christ Within: by Dewaters59~ The Power Of Belief: by Ray Dodd60~ The Mastery Of Love: by Don Miguel Ruiz61~ The Four Agreements: by Don Miguel Ruiz62~ The Book of Hours: by Thomas Merton63~ Leaves of Grass: by Walt Whitman64~ Meditation: by Ravi Ashok Bhatt65~ Good Karma: How to Create the Causes of Happiness and Avoid the Causes of Suffering, by Thubten Chodren66~ Dialogue on Awakening: Communion with the Christ, by Tom Carpenter67~ The Body Has Its Reasons: Anti Exercises and Self Awareness, by Bertherat and Berenstein68~ Love And Power: by Lynn V Andrews69~ Sensory Awareness: by Charles V W Brooks70~ Breakthrough To Creativity: by Shafiea Karagulla M.D.71~ Life After Death: by Toynbee Koestler72~ The Mirror Mind: by William Johnston73~ Secrets Of Mind Power: by Harry Lorayne74~ Tell It By Heart: by Erika Helm Meade75~ Seizing Your Divine Moment: by Erwin Raphael McManus

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