Blankets Forts - The Original 'Clarity Coves' for Kids and Grown-Up Kids!

blanket fort clarity cove

I don't know about you guys, but i Love blanket forts! Even now as an "adult".....Blanket forts were my very first "Clarity Coves" and i'm betting they were for you too! There is just something about a good old fashion blanket fort that is wholesome and pure right from its very inception. 

If you had siblings, it was "Hey guys! do you want to make a blanket fort!?"....If you were an only child, asking mom was the only 'go-ahead' you needed....The excitement of having the initial thought, to gathering all of the blankets and sheets, to deciding where you were going to build your masterpiece was all the motivation you needed.

kids blanket fort clarity cove

Were you going to make the quick and easy version of the blanket fort by throwing the blanket or sheet over the dining room table? Or were you going to make an elaborate original design by using chairs and other random pieces of furniture to extend the shape and size?...

What other tools and materials would you need? Heavy stacks of books to hold down the edges of the blankets? Clothes pins to attach the blankets together? Should it have an entrance aaaand an exit? Your mind is really thinking now!...."How can I assemble this architectural wonder that will be my own special space? How many times will it collapse in on itself before i perfect a stable design? Will i get frustrated and give up? Or will it just motivate me more to accomplish this magical hide-out?"  

childrens blanket fort clarity cove

Eeeeee! I can't wait until it's finished! "What am i going to decorate it with?? Obviously I have to fill it with squishy pillows and blankets, and oh i can't forget my favorite stufty animal! But wait, what if my other stufties get sad because they are left out of my magical blanket fort? I better bring all of them!

Should I invite other people (mom and dad) into my cozy cove? Mmmm? maybe not right away. I should make sure it's perfectly wonderful and safe for them first....

Would there be rules in my blanket fort? A secret password to enter perhaps? These are important questions to ask yourself!....(I hope mom and dad don't call me for dinner, because i'm not finished building my masterpiece!)...That reminds me, I gotta fill this baby up with some tasty snacks! Maybe mom will even let me eat dinner in here - that would seriously be the best thing ever!!

boys blanket fort clarity cove

What else do I need? BOOKS! oh yeah! it's gonna be so nice to just lay back in all my comfy pillows, relax and read a good book! I think a Dr. Seuss will do the trick, but I better bring like 10 more books just in case....And coloring books and my crayons too! Never know, I might feel like doing some art. I should probably make a sign for the front of my fort. Maybe something like "No grownups allowed!"....mmm but then that might make mom n dad feel bad, plus also they just gotta see this magical place!....ohhh I know, just a simple sign that says "Shhhhh I'm in my Clarity Cove"....That way everyone will know, they need to be calm and quiet in my special space....(you can't get too crazy in a blanket fort because it could collapse and fall in - so shhhhh)

clarity cove reading blanket fort

Wooo Hooo it's done and fully decorated and awesome and i'm never going to leave it! (except to go to the bathroom)....I'm going to sleep in here tonight, i better find a flashlight!

Was that your childhood? I sure hope so! Even from the earliest age, humans (and even pets) love having cozy little protective shelters inside of their actual shelters/ homes. There's just something about them that adds a comforting layer of protection and solitude and privacy. Going inside expands your imagination and makes you feel warm and fuzzy and happy.

clarity cove pets blanket fort

All this talk of blanket forts is making me want to go build one now! You should too! And then post a photo of it in our Clarity Cove Facebook Group! There you will also find a link file to Free Coloring Pages like the ones below, that you can print out, color or paint, and post it on your own Blanket Fort or 'Clarity Cove' (bedroom door, office, meditation room etc...)... I hope you'll join our group - see you there!

clarity cove coloring page printable
clarity cove free coloring page printable
clarity cove free coloring page sign blanket fort printable

What else can you do in your Clarity Cove Blanket Fort besides read and color and tell stories and secrets?...You can listen to these wonderful Children's Guided Meditations and Adventure Stories by Jason Stephenson and teach your children from a young age how to quiet their minds, relax and go within their imagination.

Below are a couple of cute guided meditations to listen to in your blanket fort/ cozy clarity cove!

Check out his entire Channel for the rest of his Children's AND Adult Meditations and Sleep Music too. I can not go one night without listening to his soothing voice and Australian accent! Jason Stephenson YouTube Channel

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! :)

Jules @ Clarity Cove

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